Communal TV Systems

Digital Terrestrial TV, Satellite TV, DAB and FM IRS Systems For Blocks of Apartments

Communal TV Systems

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What Is A Communal System?

A communal TV system is a system that integrates terrestrial TV, satellite TV, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and FM radio, all at 1 location, then distributes to the end-user. This type of system is referred to as an Integrated Reception System (IRS). An IRS system is commonly installed in buildings such as apartment blocks, schools, hospitals, residential homes and many more. With technology constantly changing, new IRS systems are being installed using fibre optic technology, meaning just a single aerial and dish feeding multiple points and allowing a more robust signal to guarantee consistency throughout.

The advantage of an integrated reception system is that it allows the user(s) to choose which type of TV service they would like, whether it’s a paid subscription service or non-subscription service and have the choice of either digital Freeview TV, Sky & Sky Q, Freesat TV, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and FM Radio.

How A Communal System Works!

Communal systems function in many different ways and can be very versatile! A typical communal system would consist of a digital approved Freeview compatible aerial, Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) and FM radio aerial, alongside a fixed satellite dish receiving a signal for Sky TV and Freesat services which then a multi-core cable would be installed from the main headend system to a communal riser cupboard, then into a multi-switch unit that combines the input signals and then distributes to each individual apartment or room(s).

Depending on the requirements of the client and type of property at which the installation is being carried out at, multiple satellite dishes can be incorporated within the communal system to receive both European and international programmes, allowing the user(s) a choice of both English and international channels along with the option to have a non-subscription and paid subscription service.

What Is Required?

All communal TV systems differ depending on the elements required, such as how many tv locations are going to be catered for and distributed within the communal system, the routing of cables and where multi-switches and amplifiers will be located. Our first port of call would be to attend the property as part of a site survey to assess exactly what the requirements are and the type of communal system required, such as a simple upgrade to an existing system in a small block of apartments, up to a fully-fledged fibre optic TV system for a housing estate? Once these steps have been taken into consideration, then we can design and plan a system to give the end-user perfect reception of their digital Freeview and Sky TV satellite services.

Once we have finished installing or repairing a communal TV system, we make sure all signals are fully tested using a specialist analyser to meet digital requirement approvals and all signals are recorded electronically and provided along with the sign-off.

Why Choose Elite AV Services?

With over 25 years of experience in the AV world, installing, diagnosing and repairing all types of TV, satellite and radio systems from standard domestic properties to fully-fledged communal systems, we aim to be consistent with the uphold of customer satisfaction! With the growing rate of multi-dwelling buildings and new developments being built, we are constantly at the forefront of ever-changing technology to meet the demands of a diverse range of clientele. With an increasing demand for communal tv systems, there is a high rate of companies offering cheap system installations with minor knowledge in the field. But with Elite AV Services, you can rest assured that you’ll be electing a company with over 25 years of experience with accredited technicians who regularly attend courses to stay on top of this ever-changing world.

Elite AV Services work with high-end maintenance contractors and local councils, so our priority is making sure we keep our clients happy, which is why if any problems were to occur with a system we have installed or repaired, we make sure we’re back at the property quickly rectifying the issue!


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