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What Is a Communal Television System?

We offer communal TV systems to customers who live in or use multiple rooms. For residents of flats and apartments or students in their university accommodation a communal Television system would be the best option.

With an integrated system like this, there is no requirement for multiple TV aerials or satellite dishes as our expert technicians can engineer a complete network so that every room has access through one signal receiving aerial.

It is quite common for planning control to stipulate the number of aerials or satellite dishes that can be attached to a dwelling or property and a system like this will meet approval.

Who Would Benefit From One

Any building that requires multiple television sets to be situated in several different rooms could benefit from a system like this. Customers that should consider a communal setup are; 

  • Hotels
  • Bed and breakfast accommodation 
  • Small holiday homes
  • Flats 
  • Apartments
  • Schools 
  • Student accommodation 
  • Hospitals 
  • Residential homes
  • Commercial business premises
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Communal TV systems are a very useful option when looking to adhere to planning guidelines and go a long way in reducing conflict between landlords and tenants. Buildings with a single aerial or satellite dish will undoubtedly look smarter in appearance. This can be a very important factor for hotels and businesses where presentation is important.

How Does A Communal Television System Work?

Communal TV systems are often referred to as an IRS – Integrated Reception system. A satellite dish or aerial is installed on the building and a series of cables are fixed and run from these to a central box which houses a multiswitch. This is usually located inside the building however in some instances the box may be situated outside in a weather proof cabinet.

Each room that requires television is then connected to this box and the user watches in the normal way through a Freeview box, Freesat box or Sky box depending on their preference.

Who Can Request An Installation

Usually a TV system such as this will be requested by the property owner. This will include landlords or building operators, hotel owners or those that have responsibility for the property. In some cases residence associations can fund and arrange for a communal television system with the permission of the owner.

What TV Can Be Installed

We can install any popular TV service. Freeview is transmitted and received through normal television aerials. Each room within the dwelling requires a Freeview set top box or integrated television set to allow access.

Sky television can be installed through a central satellite dish, allowing each user access. Sky Q is also available on a communal system through a specialised adaptor, that each individual user must have.

A communal TV system installed through a satellite will also enable Freesat to be accessed. Once again each user must have a Freesat box or have an integrated television set with the Freesat option.

Will Signal Strength Be Affected?

It is quite normal to consider signal strength when splitting a signal various ways. In terms of a communal TV system set up there could be any number of different users connected to one aerial or satellite.

Our fully trained engineers will install the correct aerial for your system and requirements, many of which will have signal boosting reflectors.

How Long Does It Take To Install

Installing a communal TV system will be very much an individual project. Not all customers have the same requirements. An installation at a block of flats, with multiple users, will be very different to a small bed and breakfast. Nevertheless our professional team will carry out a full inspection and survey of what exactly is needed.

Should new aerials or satellite dishes be required, our engineers have all of the correct safety equipment to gain access to any roof space.

The engineer will work in a clean and efficient manner to complete the project with as little disruption to you, your business or any resident.

How Much Does It Cost

In the same way it is difficult to estimate the time frame of installing Communal television, the cost of a system like this is specific to what is required by the customer. Obviously the more end users the more work and equipment is needed to ensure a full installation.

TV Licencing

Communal television setups can affect who is responsible for obtaining a TV licence. In properties where there are individual rooms, such as student accommodation, it is highly likely that each individual will require a licence. In some rented properties, the licencing agreement may need to be signed for as part of the tenancy, whilst hotels are covered by one licence for every 15 television sets and other licences must be purchased for more sets. 

If you are thinking about having a communal television system installed and are in any doubt regarding who is responsible for the licence, we would advise contacting the authority for guidance.

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