Commercial TV Installation

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There are many different commercial businesses that would benefit from having television.

We can install your commercial television setup, from aerials, satellite dishes, IP systems and multi room arrangements.

What Is Commercial TV Installation?

A television system can add real value to many types of businesses. They are a great way of not only providing entertainment, but also some businesses can offer valuable information through a visual system. Some industry examples of where Commercial TV would be needed are;


We can carry out television installation to your bar, pub or restaurant. Bars that show live sport always attract customers whilst restaurants and family eateries can offer entertainment for their customers. Hotel chains will undoubtedly need a television service to all of their rooms. Elite AV Services can install communal TV systems to meet your requirements.


Patients staying over in hospital will appreciate a TV to watch, whilst many doctors waiting rooms have benefited from offering information to patients shown on a television in the waiting room.


A television set is undoubtedly a great way a teacher or lecturer can offer their lessons. By installing a TV with multimedia player the options can be limitless and a valuable tool for education. We can install TV systems to be played through projectors and shown on large pull down screens.


A television set can add real value to a retail outlet as products or promotions can be easily displayed in a smart and eye catching manner. 

Gyms and Health Centres

A system here would provide a fantastic way of advertising future exercise classes, gym routines or special offers.

tv wall mounting hidden cables

What Channels Can Be Installed

We can install any channels and operators you require. If you only want a simple free to air service for your hotel business then we can easily install Freeview however, if your business relies on social entertainment, then Sky Television could be an option as they offer extensive sports packages. There are other TV options available such as Freesat, a free to air television service received through a satellite dish. 

If you require other hardware, such as Blu-Ray DVD players, we can assist setting these up, particularly if it is to show on many different screens at once, where our expertise will help you achieve this kind of setup. We are also very adept at installing and setting up any live streaming services.

How is Commercial TV Installed?

Our team will visit your commercial business property and survey the location based on your requirements. 

We will advise the best locations for any television set and explain where any TV wall mounting points will need to be fixed.

Depending on what television service is required, we will setup and install any aerial or satellite dish. If at all possible we can install aerials in loft spaces or if not we can fix them to the outside roof.

Our professional engineers are fully trained to work at height and will carry all of the necessary safety equipment to complete the installation.

If wall mounting points are required, the engineer will work to keep any disruption to your business to a minimum, whilst carrying out the installation in a clean and tidy manner.

Should your commercial business require multiple television sets we can setup specialist equipment that means you do not require multiple aerials or satellite dishes, which will all be explained to you.

Commercial television does not necessarily need to be installed through a traditional IRS (Integrated Reception System). Modern technology now allows television services to be installed through an IPTV system (Internet Protocol Television). This is an internet network that can provide the required service, without the need for aerials and satellite dishes. It does however, require good internet speed connections, to prevent poor TV pictures or loss of channels.

How Long Will The Installation Take?

This all depends on how big your project is. A bar that requires multiple screens to be installed will take longer than a retail outlet that just requires one television set.

Likewise if you’re a new build premises that requires a brand new aerial or satellite dish this installation will require more work than if our engineers can use an existing aerial to setup your TV.

Commercial Television Maintenance

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. If your commercial TV setup requires any maintenance our engineers can carry this out for you. 

Aerials that are positioned on a roof can succumb to poor weather, especially high winds. We can carry out any repairs should they be necessary.

How Much Does Commercial TV Installation Cost

The price of a commercial installation is very much dependent on what is required. The more sophisticated the setup, the more engineering will be needed. If new aerials or satellite dishes are required, this will need more work to find the correct location and setup, including all of the necessary cabling. We pride ourselves in offering a first class service with offering competitive prices.


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