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Freesat has become an increasingly popular free-to-air satellite TV service in recent years. Offering over 200 channels with no monthly subscription fees, it provides an affordable alternative for many households in the Bristol area looking to save on expensive cable or satellite TV packages. Installing a Freesat system in your Bristol home or business can open up a world of free entertainment and information. Here is an overview of Freesat and the installation process in the Bristol area.

What is Freesat?

Freesat is a free satellite TV service provided jointly by the BBC and ITV. It offers over 200 free digital TV and radio channels, including popular networks like BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and more. The service is supported by advertising, much like Freeview, so there are no monthly bills. However, you do need to purchase a Freesat set-top box or an integrated TV.

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Why Choose Freesat in Bristol?

There are a few key reasons homeowners and businesses in Bristol opt for Freesat:

  • No monthly subscription cost: After the initial equipment purchase, viewing is completely free
  • Wider channel selection: Freesat offers more channels than Freeview, including HD options
  • Increased reliability: The satellite signal is less prone to disruption compared to over-the-air antennas
  • On-demand and catch-up TV: Popular apps like BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub allow watching shows after they air

For Bristol residents looking to reduce expenses without sacrificing viewing options, Freesat presents an appealing path.

Installing a Freesat System

Installing a dedicated Freesat system involves just a few key components:

Satellite Dish
The familiar dish that collects the satellite signal needs to face toward the Astra 28.2°E orbital position to pick up Freesat’s broadcasts. Dishes between 45 cm to 80 cm work well. An existing dish from an old Sky or freesat system might be compatible if facing the correct direction.

The coaxial cable runs from the dish to connect to the set-top box indoors. Cabling requirements depend on the installation specifics, but RG6 dual-shield coax works well in most domestic setups. Proper sealing of any exterior drill points prevents water ingress.

Freesat Box / TV
At the heart of the system is either a dedicated Freesat set-top box or an integrated Freesat TV. This tunes into and decodes the satellite signal for viewing and recording. There are many options on the market from manufacturers like Humax, Manhattan, Sony and more.

Freesat Installation Bristol Experts

Attempting a DIY install seems simple enough, but for optimal reception and a headache-free setup, it helps tremendously to have an experienced professional handle the work. Elite AV Services employs reputable installers specialising in Freesat and other TV systems.

Some key benefits of hiring a local pro include:

  • Positioning the satellite dish correctly for the best signal
  • Selecting the right equipment for your needs and budget
  • Neat cabling with concealed, waterproof exterior access
  • Tuning the system and setting up channels
  • Providing tips and advice for operational use
  • Troubleshooting any future system issues

So, while the motivated DIYer can self-install Freesat with some technical diligence, most Bristol households or businesses are better off calling in a seasoned expert. Not only does it virtually guarantee the best setup, but it also gives peace of mind from having warrantied professional service.

What Channels Can I Get with Freesat in Bristol?

Some highlights of popular channels available through Freesat in Bristol include:

  • BBC One South and BBC Two South West – Regional BBC programming
  • ITV West Country – Local ITV News and programming
  • BBC News – 24-hour news and live events
  • Channel 4, Channel 5 and Film4 – Major network entertainment
  • Discovery Channel – Educational documentaries
  • PBS America – US public broadcasting favourites
  • Horror Channel – Classic and new scary movies
  • ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, All4 – On-demand apps

Along with over 200 total channels, over 25 radio stations cover music genres like pop, classical, rock and talk radio.

Freesat offers Channel Lists and full channel lineups by genre on their website so you can get a sense of the breadth of programming available. Note that a very small number of special interest channels require a small subscription fee, but the vast majority of options are entirely free once the system hardware itself is purchased and installed.

Cut the Cord on Sky TV in Bristol

With the typical cable TV or satellite provider bundle costing around £100 monthly in the Bristol area, more savvy households realise Freesat delivers excellent entertainment with no costly monthly bills. Combine it with streaming services for a full-featured cord-cutting solution at a fraction of standard pay TV costs. If you go with a Freesat PVR model box, you can even record and build a custom personal video library of shows to watch on your own schedule.

Get Started with Freesat Installation in Bristol

Ditch cable and unlock a world of premium channels for one affordable equipment payment. With Freesat installation from a pro, expect a hassle-free setup providing quality satellite feeds for years of superior viewing. Consult some of the top reviewed local Bristol Freesat installers to get started for your home or business.


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