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Welcome to our expert TV Wall Mounting service in Bath, where we transform your television viewing into an experience of style and functionality. Recognising the importance of the perfect viewing angle and a clutter-free environment, our professional and efficient TV wall mounting services are tailored to enhance the aesthetics of your Bath home while prioritising safety and precision.

Our solutions range from sleek and modern to robust and multi-functional, catering to every type of room and television in the Bath area. Explore our service details, customer testimonials, and a gallery showcasing our work to see how we can revamp your entertainment space into an elegant and welcoming centrepiece.

Reasons To Wall Mount Your TV

Space Saving & Safety: In Bath, where space can be limited, wall mounting your TV frees up valuable floor space, giving your living room a more spacious and uncluttered appearance. This eliminates the need for a TV stand or cabinet.

For those with TVs on stands, the risk of the TV toppling over and causing injury or damage is significant. Wall mounting is crucial for households with young children, ensuring the TV is out of reach and the screen is safe from curious hands.

Viewing Angles: In Bath homes, the ideal spot for TV wall mounting might be hindered by various factors like room layout, seating arrangements, or screen glare. We offer a variety of bracket types to overcome these challenges, including:

  • Fixed brackets
  • Tilting brackets
  • Full motion brackets
  • Hydraulic pull-down brackets

Cinematic Viewing: With the evolution of technology, brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony have elevated TV viewing to a cinematic level. Our TV wall mounting services in Bath are more relevant than ever, especially with the advent of QLED & OLED technologies. You can enhance your cinematic experience with a surround sound system or soundbar tailored to your room’s size and viewing preferences.

Sound Enhancement Options

Choosing the right sound system is crucial. We offer a range of options to complement your TV wall mounting in Bath, enhancing your viewing pleasure. Options include soundbars, often with wireless subwoofers for added bass, and full home cinema systems for a complete surround sound experience.

Types of Brackets Available

Fixed TV Wall Bracket

Ideal for eye-level installation without needing access to the TV’s rear ports.

Tilting TV Wall Bracket

Perfect for mounting above fireplaces or high positions, allowing for angle adjustments.

Full-Motion TV Bracket

Offers flexibility in tilting and adjusting the TV’s left and right positions, suitable for varied seating arrangements.

Pull-Down TV Bracket

Designed for high installations, like above a fireplace, allowing you to pull the TV down to eye level.

Wall Types & Installation

Our service caters to various wall types found in Bath, from modern plasterboard to traditional brick or masonry. We provide the necessary expertise and equipment for secure installations, including conducting site surveys to assess your specific needs and ensure a safe and secure setup.

TV Cable Management

We offer solutions like cable conduit, cavity concealment, and channel & plastering to manage and conceal cables, ensuring a tidy installation in your Bath home.

Choose our TV Wall Mounting Services in Bath for a safe, stylish, and professionally installed setup that enhances your viewing experience.

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