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In the heart of Bath, communal TV systems are becoming a cornerstone of contemporary living spaces. Elite AV Services is at the forefront of this trend, offering bespoke communal TV solutions tailored to the unique character of Bath’s residential areas, hotels, and community hubs. Our services ensure that residents, guests, and community members in Bath enjoy a top-notch television viewing experience seamlessly integrated into the historic and modern blend of the city.

What Is a Communal TV System

In Bath, a communal TV system, also known as a master antenna television (MATV) system, is a sophisticated network designed to distribute TV and FM broadcast signals across multiple receivers within a building or complex. This system is particularly beneficial in Bath, where maintaining the aesthetic integrity of buildings is crucial. It eliminates the clutter of individual antennas and satellite dishes, offering a streamlined solution that respects the city’s architectural heritage while meeting communal entertainment needs.


A well-designed communal TV system is essential in a city steeped in history and culture like Bath. It’s a luxury and a key element in enhancing the living and hospitality experience. It provides a diverse range of entertainment and information, crucial in an era of digital broadcasting. Elite AV Services ensures that properties in Bath are equipped with advanced systems, keeping them connected and competitive.

Our Communal TV Systems Services


Understanding the unique architectural landscape of Bath, Elite AV Services offers custom-designed communal TV systems. We collaborate closely with clients to create systems that deliver high-quality TV signals and complement the historical and contemporary aesthetics of Bath properties. Our installations are professional, efficient, and mindful of Bath’s unique urban environment.


As technology evolves, so does the need for communal TV systems in Bath. We specialise in updating outdated systems with the latest digital and satellite TV technologies, ensuring properties in Bath stay ahead with HD and 4K capabilities.


Recognising the importance of system longevity, especially in a city like Bath, with its mix of old and new buildings, we offer comprehensive maintenance and prompt repair services to keep systems performing optimally.

Benefits of Communal TV Systems


Our systems offer cost-effectiveness, property value enhancement, and social benefits, aligning with the lifestyles of Bath’s residents and visitors. They foster community spirit through shared experiences, an appealing aspect in a city known for its vibrant community life.

Why Choose Elite AV Services


Our expertise in the AV industry is particularly beneficial in a city like Bath, where installations must be sensitive to the unique character of each property. We offer tailored solutions, ensuring each communal TV system in Bath is ideally suited to the specific needs of the property.

Seamless Integration

Our non-intrusive installation approach is ideal for Bath, where preserving the integrity of buildings is paramount. We ensure that our systems are compatible with various signal types and integrate smoothly with existing infrastructure, maintaining Bath’s properties’ elegance and historical significance.

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