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Communal TV Systems

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Communal TV Systems Bath

Do you need to provide a range of digital TV channels and radio stations to a number of different users from one satellite dish or aerial? Or, do you need a TV system installed in an apartment block, hotel, care home, guest house, school, hospital, office, leisure facility or student accommodation?

If so, we can help. We are Bath’s communal TV system experts and we can give you multiple television signals from the same dish or aerial in one location. Whatever your needs we will design, supply and install a bespoke system that’s perfect for you. And we’ll do it with the minimum of fuss to Registered Digital Installer standards

Why Would You Need a Communal TV System

There are lots of reasons why a communal TV system is the perfect solution for your location.

Firstly, it ensures that all of your residents, tenants or occupants have access to a great choice of digital TV and radio. You can offer Freesat, Sky TV or digital radio services to a range of locations with just one satellite dish or television aerial. And, a communal TV system also helps you to adhere to planning guidelines. Perhaps you own a hotel and you want to provide a great choice of digital TV channels to your rooms? Do you own an apartment block and want to give your residents a choice of Sky or Freesat channels? Or do you manage a large office building that needs multiple television pictures from one aerial?

We’ll find the perfect solution for you. We’ll design and plan a TV and radio system to ensure that reception is good throughout the building. And, we will supply and install your new system. Call 0333 772 2013 to find out more.


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“We would really recommend Elite AV Services. With decades of knowledge and experience, you’re insafe hands! Incredible service, clean, tidy, punctual and good conversation. We’re already booked in for the next job!”

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