A Comprehensive Guide On How To Retune A Samsung TV

Have you ever turned on your Samsung TV only to find that some channels are missing or the picture quality isn’t what it used to be? This can be a common issue, especially if you haven’t retuned your TV in a while.

Retuning or rescanning your TV channels ensures that you’re receiving all available broadcasts with the best possible quality. Here’s an intriguing fact: You don’t need any special tools or technical know-how to start this process – just your TV remote and a few minutes of your time.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps to effortlessly retune your Samsung TV. We cover everything from navigating your TV menu for auto-tuning options to troubleshooting tips if things don’t go as planned.

By following our simple step-by-step guide, we aim to make this task quick and painless for you. Get ready for clearer pictures and more channels!

How to Retune Your Samsung TV: Step-by-Step Guide

Retuning your Samsung TV is a straightforward process. Press the Menu or Home button on your remote, select the Broadcast or Channel option, and choose Auto Tuning or Start for an easy retuning experience.

Press the Menu or Home button on your remote

First, grab your TV remote and ensure your Samsung TV is turned on. Pressing the Menu or Home button is your initial step to accessing the vast array of options available for managing your TV’s settings.

This action opens the door to adjustments related to picture settings, audio configurations, and the retuning process necessary for optimising channel reception.

After you’ve pressed the Menu or Home button, a variety of choices will appear on your screen. Here lies the gateway to fine-tuning your viewing experience by exploring broadcast options, setting up TV channels again through auto tuning, or manually adjusting display calibration.

This straightforward approach lays down a solid foundation for navigating through subsequent steps to ensure that your digital TV channel setup is as seamless and efficient as possible.

Select the Broadcast or Channel option

To access the Broadcast or Channel option on your Samsung TV, use the remote control to press the Menu or Home button. Then, navigate through the settings menu by selecting Broadcasting or Channels using the directional buttons.

Once you have located this option, press OK or Enter to proceed with channel programming and tuning. During this process, be sure to follow any on-screen instructions for a successful channel auto-tuning experience.

For J Series Smart TVs in particular, you can select the Broadcast or Channel option by pressing either the MENU or Home button on your remote control. Next, navigate to Settings and choose either Start or Auto Tuning from there.

Choose Auto Tuning or Start

Once you’ve selected the Broadcast or Channel option, proceed to Choose Auto Tuning or Start. For the auto-tuning process on Samsung Smart TVs, simply press the Menu button or Home button on your remote and navigate to Settings.

From there, select Broadcasting and then opt for Auto Tuning to allow your TV to automatically search for available channels and store them in its memory.

If you have a J Series Smart TV, head over to Settings after selecting the Menu or Home button and then choose Start instead of Auto Tuning. This will initiate the channel tuning process without requiring manual input for each channel.

Troubleshooting and Additional Tips

If your Samsung TV has trouble finding the Freeview app, a reset could solve the issue. Rescanning TV channels may help if you’re experiencing reception problems. In more challenging situations, consider seeking professional assistance to optimise your TV’s tuning for better reception and channel programming.

If you can’t find the Freeview app, try resetting your TV

Are you having trouble locating the Freeview app on your Samsung TV? A simple solution to this issue could be resetting your TV. By performing a reset, you may refresh the system and potentially restore accessibility to the Freeview app.

This can be done by accessing the settings menu on your TV and selecting the option for a complete reset. Once initiated, allow your TV to reboot and then check if the Freeview app is now available.

Ready for more troubleshooting tips? Let’s move on to “Rescan TV channels if you’re having reception issues.”

Rescan TV channels if you’re having reception issues

If reception issues occur, rescan TV channels to improve the signal. This can be done by accessing the TV menu and navigating to the Broadcasting or Channel section. Choose the option for Auto Tuning or Start to initiate a fresh scan of available channels.

It is also recommended to ensure that your antenna or cable connection is secure before rescanning.

If you encounter missing channels after retuning, try updating the Samsung Smart TV software, as it may help resolve channel-related problems. If necessary, consider seeking professional assistance to tune and troubleshoot reception issues on your Samsung television.

Consider getting a professional to tune your TV for you

Opting for professional TV tuning can ensure precise setup and configuration tailored to your specific requirements, especially if you encounter persistent difficulties in retuning.

A certified technician has the expertise to navigate complexities and optimise signal reception, addressing potential issues with meticulous attention. Additionally, seeking professional assistance can unlock the secrets of comprehensive TV channel programming, ensuring a seamless viewing experience without the daunting task of delving into technical nuances on your own.


Retuning your Samsung TV is a straightforward process that can improve your viewing experience. Finding the correct settings and using the retuning feature on your TV can ensure you have access to all available channels.

Troubleshooting any issues with missing channels or reception problems is essential for optimal performance. With these steps, you can successfully retune your Samsung TV and enjoy seamless viewing without any complications.


  • How do I retune my Samsung TV to get better reception?

To improve your TV’s signal reception, access the menu with your remote (or manually if you don’t have one), select the broadcasting option, and follow the prompts to rescan or retune your channels for a better viewing experience.

  • What should I do if my Samsung TV is missing channels?

If channels are missing, try rescanning your TV channels through the settings menu. This process reacquires lost channels by updating your TV channel list to include any new or previously unavailable stations.

  • Can I set up Freeview on my Samsung smart TV without a remote?

Yes, even without a remote, you can set up Freeview on your smart TV by using buttons on the television itself or by downloading a compatible app on your smartphone that acts as a remote control.

  • Why won’t some channels tune in properly on my Samsung Smart TV?

Channel tuning issues might stem from poor signal quality or incorrect setup configurations. Check and adjust your aerial placement for optimal signal strength and ensure you’ve selected the correct options during the auto scan process in your television’s settings.

  • How can I optimise my Samsung Smart TV’s channel search and audio settings?

To optimise channel search, go into your television’s broadcasting menu and select ‘Auto Tuning’ for an automated search to configure your channel lineup efficiently. For audio adjustments, navigate back to settings, but this time, choose ‘Sound’ to tweak audio outputs according to preference.

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